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We are living in perilous times, especially for women.  You might think I am foolish or ignorant because this is the twenty-first century and modern man is enlightened but past and recent events involving President Donald Trump and Judge Brett Kavanaugh illustrate that many modern men are living in the age of Casanova.

Donald Trump's History With Women

(a) Throughout his adulthood, Mr. Trump cheated on his three wives and groped countless women without consent....No man does this unless he thinks the woman does not matter, no man does this unless he believes the woman is a piece of candy to be sampled, bought and consumed at his leisure.

(b) On October 1st, 2018, Mr. Trump said these words to Cecilia Vega (Reporter) I know you're not thinking. You never do.” This could have bee directed simply at her but Trump is a chauvinist thus his words were a universal label on all women.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Donald Trump's Supreme Court Nominee (Judge Brett Kavanaugh) is apparently a man who at various times used alcoholic beverages and sexual games to satisfy his caveman hunger.  I use the word apparently because this issue is under investigation but there are many signs showing Mr.. Kavanaugh has not been nor is he a choir boy he and others suggest.

During Christine Ford's Hearing, Mr. Kavanaugh Lied Three Times

(a) He said "devils triangle" was a drinking game akin to playing quarters but this is not true; devils triangle is a perverted sexual act where two men have sex with one woman.

(b) The term "ralph"  or "boofing" does not refer to flatulence as Kavanaugh proclaimed; it refers to individuals pushing drugs up there rectum inducing vomiting.

(c) The term Renate Alumi in Kavanaugh's yearbook is a reference to the sexual conquering of a woman named Renate Schroeder Dolphin.

Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh are not unique, thousands of men around the globe swing through the trees like Tarzan looking for Jane but unlike the fable character, in the real world these sub-human men do not embrace Jane with love and tenderness, they abuse them, attack them, rape them and when the woman rises up to take back her dignity, she is shamed, ridiculed and labeled a pretty little liar. (an attractive lady who clearly experience a horrible situation but confused)

As I said above, women are living in perilous times because gender bigotry is alive and awful but there is hope, there is hope in God and there is hope in every woman who stands up and speaks out loud against sexual predators.
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